NGI Explorers is the program to launch Europe’s best Internet talent into technology Expeditions to the United Stated, catalyzing the impact of their disruptive ideas

NGI Explorers is the program to launch Europe’s best Internet talent into technology Expeditions to the United States, catalyzing the impact of their disruptive ideas


3-6 month

Expedition to the US


Sponsorship Plan




Our Explorers will gain the skills and build the networks to transform Europe into the powerhouse of the Next Generation Internet.


The program



The expeditions will be complemented with a portfolio of services to boost the roll-out of disruptive products.


→ Pre-Immersion Week

Before heading to the US, Explorers will gather in a location in Europe (tentatively London, Porto or Barcelona) to receive several masterclasses on the NGI Vision, introduction to business development and modelling, pitch training, concepts on Lean Startup methodology, marketing communication, American culture and way-of-living… but most importantly, this will be an extraordinary opportunity for the participants to meet each other and start building up relationships.


→ Mentoring

Explorers will always be assigned a coach to give direct support and spur them throughout the expedition. The mentor will be the direct link between the Explorer and the program and will have the responsibility to guide, provide feedback, motivate, understand and challenge the Explorer.


→ Business Development

Opportunities for public and private funding schemes and business development will be created for the most promising ideas.


→ Competition

Become the best among the best! The program will recognize the Top Explorers at the end of each batch with an Awards Ceremony - the NGI Oscars.


Focus Areas


Next Generation Internet is a concept that involves a broad spectrum of emerging technologies. A list of technological trends that will thoroughly reshape the Internet over the next 10-15 years.

The following Focus Areas have been defined in alignment with the vision of the European Commission. Applicants are encouraged to match their ideas with one or several of these topics.

NGI focus areas

Application options


Participants will have the flexibility to choose among 3 different collaboration schemes. All ideas must fall under one or several Focus Areas defined in the Next Generation Internet


Open Ideas

Applicants can submit a
proposal around their ideas, products and services. The program will find the best US node to boost it.



Applicants can submit a proposal
to a challenge defined by a US Node,
taking into consideration their specific priorities for collaboration


Paired Teams

Applicants can submit a
proposal to advance their ideas along with a specific US partner of their organization




Applicants must be employees of a European “legal entity” (limited to: startups, SMEs, mid-caps, research centres or academia) under the European Commission regulations.

A successful applicant must fall under one of the following categories:






Candidate requirements

  • A valid passport holder
  • An employee of a European/H2020 associated countries/OCT (1) legal entity under the EC regulations (2)
  • A top researcher and/or innovator in any of the NGI Focus Areas
  • Proficiency in English, both written and spoken
  • Eligible to receive a U.S. J-1 visa

All selected applicants will sign a sub-grantee agreement between the individual, the NGI Explorers Program and the European organization they are employees at.

(1) OCT stands for Overseas Countries and Territories linked to EU Member States.
(2) Limited to: universities, research centres, mid-caps, SMEs and startups.


Selection Criteria


The program will follow a rigorous selection process to select only exceptional candidates, coming from a range of industry backgrounds and specialties.

Applications will be evaluated by external experts. The selection criteria will be based on 3 main aspects:


of the candidate


of the project


of the idea


Success for us means to facilitate the best possible match between an Explorer’s profile and the specific challenge position at US Node - a win-win situation for all parties involved.


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